Saturday, December 10, 2011

CARe Europe Initial Project

CARe Europe is an international network NGO based in the Netherlands with aims to strengthen psycho-social rehabilitation and recovery supporting care in the field of mental health care and social care.

CARe Europe consists of an international community of professionals and activists working in the field of psycho-social rehabilitation, created on the bases of the TEPLA Program of STORM Rehabilitation, Mental Health Care Netherlands and Global Initiative on Psychiatry in the period 1999-2002.

The six main pillars of CARe Europe are:
1. CARe Training
2. Support and Consultancy
3. Research
4. Policy development
5. Advocacy
6. Networking, Communication, Dissemination

With the help of the support of Fund Storm Rehabilitation CARe Europe has started its Initial Project in order to creating the formal structure of our international network.

Our Initial Project consists three main acivities:

1. Registering the CARe Europe as a legal entitiy in the Netherlands

The founders are the authors of the CARe model: Jean-Pierre Wilken and Dirk den Hollander.
The board will consist of representatives from each country were the network is active, supplemented by representatives of organisations which are collaborative partners. The board of CARe Europe is going to be the strategic, decision making body of the organization.

On an operational level, a management team will work in CARe Europe. The management team consists of two operational staff members:

- Managing Director: Zsolt Bugarszki
- Program Coordinator: Jodee Lim

2. Launch of Care Europe’s website

A professional website which is integrated with social media solutions belongs to the very basic infrastructure of CARe Europe initiative. CARe Europe will need its own domain name and under it, we will have to establish a professional, well-designed website. Technically, we will have to be able to run online consultation, video-seminars, conference calls, e-learning platforms plus we need a basic, transparent structure that provides relevant information on our organization with a lot of available documents and other sources.

As CARe Europe is planning to be outstanding in communication, the website has to be integrated with the leading social media platform creating our own audience. The trials in this field after the Bratislava meeting seem to be promising, we intend to continue to build up our communication towards this direction.

3. Organizing an international meeting of CARe members, creating the CARe Europe’s community – 2012 Spring

Storm Rehabilitation has trained many trainers during the last 15 years in different countries. Our aim is to involve one contact person from each of the following countries where CARe was active before or where we have living contacts:

- Albania
- Bulgaria
- Croatia
- Czech Republic
- Denmark
- Estonia
- Hungary
- Lithuania
- Netherlands
- Romania
- Slovakia

During the first event, we will introduce the idea of CARe Europe. The event will be a professional seminar also, where we can exchange our experiences in the field of psycho-social rehabilitation during the last 10 years.

As an outcome, we expect from this event:

- Establishment of the international community of CARe Europe with country coordinators.
- Collection relevant information from our community members about their achievements in the field of psycho-social rehabilitation.
- Introduction of our initiative to the international community of professionals.

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