Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Qualitative Analysis of Turning Points in the Recovery Process

Published in: American Journal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Volume 10, Issue 3 July 2007 , pages 223 - 244
Author: Michael A. Mancini

Recovery from serious psychiatric disabilities is a multidimensional, nonlinear process that consists, in part, of a transformation from illness-dominated identities to identities centered on empowerment and agency. This transformation may be punctuated by critical turning points. Analysis of these turning points may provide insight into the recovery process and how recovery can be initiated and advanced. In this qualitative study, in-depth personal interviews were conducted with 16 psychiatric survivors who were also providers of consumer-operated services. Participants were asked to discuss the critical turning points instrumental in their recovery processes. Analysis of these turning points using grounded theory revealed that participants played an active role with the help of supportive allies in initiating and sustaining their recoveries and that recovery consisted of a complex and ongoing struggle against multiple constraints to establish more positive identities. Implications of these results for mental health practice will be discussed.

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