Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beate Elisabeth Albrich

Dipl.KT Beate Elisabeth Albrich     Your browser may not support display of this image.
Graduated art therapist

Born 1964 Kronstadt, Romania
Since 1992 lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic 
Studies of history of art and theatre science (Munich), graduated at the Art Therapy College (Nürtingen). Further training as an accredited psychotherapist, trainer of trainers in psycho-social rehabilitation, accredited supervizor and supervizor mentor, senior-lecturer of psychotherapy and art-therapy in the Czech republic. Founder of the Studio Extraart Fokus Prague specialized on expressive therapies in the field of mental health. Co-founder of the cirkus Bombastico-Fokus project, garant of the first international dramatherapy training in the czech republic, contributor to the research project colors. Memberships in the board of Czech Art-therapy Association (ČAA), European Association of Supervizors (EAS) and Ethic Comission of Supervision (ČIS), Arbeitskreis Kunsttherapie (D) and czech association of dramatherapy (ADCR). Specialized on mental health and community care, individual and group psychotherapy and art-therapy, individual and team supervision,  trainings of psychotherapy and art-therapy. Autor of several articles on art therapy. 

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