Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Commitment Instead of Meddling by Dirk den Hollander

Rehabilitation oriented work means working together with the client on the quality of life that client wants, oriented on fulfilling roles that client wants (Wilken and Den Hollander, 2003). Clients have a right to good care and do not benefit from workers who only follow and do  whatever client wants.
Workers have opinions and experiences concerning counselling processes, as human beings and as professionals. Clients have opinions and experiences concerning leading their own life, that have to be guiding the counselling. This may result in tension between what client wants and what the worker considers necessarily.

In such a situation the worker should focus on building a relationship with client, a relationship in which it is possible to argue about things that they disagree upon (Den Hollander en Lardinois, 2008).

Commitment instead of meddling: the heart of rehabilitation.
Dirk den Hollander, Hes van der Voort, Dorien Reinders, Bart Giebels
Published in: Sociale Psychiatrie, January 2009

Information about the authors:
Bart Giebels is an ambulatory psychiatric nurse in an assertive community treatment team of GGz Oost Brabant.
Dorien Reinders is an ambulatory psychiatric nurse at GGNet.
Hes van de Voort is an ambulatory psychiatric nurse at the RIBW Fonteynenburg.
Dirk den Hollander is a trainer at /Rinogroep in the CARe approach and the Strengths Model

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