Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The CARe team

In 1999, to be exact, in a little Czech village. Because it was in this villa, in Tepla, that a group of rehabilitation minded people from several Eastern European countries, came to be trained to be a trainer / coach in the Care approach.

This Care approach (Comprehensive Approach on rehabilitation) was developed in Holland by Storm rehabilitation. And funded by GGz Nederland (the ‘roofing organization’ of mental health organizations in the Netherlands) Storm started an ambitious project in trainer Care trainers from Estonia, Hungaria, Czech republic, Georgia and Bulgaria where trained in using the CARe methodology and in training / coaching skills.

After this first group (Tepla 1) there was a second group (Tepla 2) so we had about 15 very good skilled trainers in rehabilitation (CARe approach). This had results like a stone in a pond. The energy floated in all directions and many nice results became apparent, in all of the countries mentioned. And there became a community of mutual supportive persons in different countries.

And the trainers worked together in some projects like in Bucharest (Trepte rehabilitation centre) and in Vilnius (psycho social day care centre).

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Comprehensive Approach on Rehabilitation