Friday, December 9, 2011

Call for proposal to build the official website of the CARe Europe initiative

CARe Europe is a newly established international NGO based in Holland. The aim of the organization is to promote psycho-social rehabilitation and recovery in the field of Mental Health all over the world. The orgnization is in its initial phase and as a part of our establishment we are going to set up a professional website under our own domain.

With this call for proposal we are looking for web-designers and webmasters to create our new website and to provide the relevant backround services to maintain it.

Requirements about the applicant:
- has to be a professional working in the field of web-design / IT management
- creative & unique ideas
- fluent English
- applicant shall be legally able to contract and he/she shall provide an invoice

Requirements about the website:

Programming, technical background: 
- With features using photo and video and other media applications (embedded Youtube and/or other videos, flickr, photo uploading or embedding)
- With an easy to handle admin features
- With full English language in admin features and in programming
- With differentiated Admin and member levels
- Provide an English manual for the Admins
- Providing/arranging server capacity
- Offering technical assistance and update opportunity for the future
- Registration opportunity (all available contents vs. restricted acces to contents for members)
- Professional visitor counter and statistics, traffic analysis

- Web programming. No Joomla!, blogspot or any other pre-made templates.
- We do not need Flash or other graphic solutions that may slow the website

- creative, simple design
- disability friendly solutions, fully integrated website
- full social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, google+, digg, stumbelupon etc.) - high interactivity (comments, members forum)

- the basic language of the site has to be in English with the possibility to extend it to other language(s)
- static basic information (introduction, mission statment, basic documents, reports, events calendar)
- database of studies, articles, the design shall support the ability to search and read studies, articles, 
- e-learning options to facilitate long distance training (for example: skype integration, online presentation features)
- online store for intellectual properties such as books, manuals, articles, studies, research reports, project plans, training packages (bookstore might be integrated to large well known systems like Amazon)
- blog section
- newsletter

We are waiting for proposals until the 31st of December 2011 to the following e-mail:

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