Thursday, August 19, 2010

Developing Community Care - ESN initiative

Is the choice between living at your parents’ or in a big institution really a viable choice? Do any of these options promote the individual’s independence and empowerment? Does it create more cohesive communities?

There is only one answer to these questions – NO. The way we want to care for people with disabilities, mental health problems, and dependent older people or children without a home has been changing. Local public social services are moving from providing places in large residential institutions to supporting community-based services.

Community-based services (hereafter community care) refer to services that are arranged or provided by the local authority’s social services department for people who - due to age, a disability or a mental illness - have care needs. These services help the users carry on living in their homes and keep as much independence as possible.

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  1. There are those of us with mental difficulties having been resident in the community stably for so long that care sources have cut their benefits to create a change I guess thus using our mental difficulties or exploiting them to effect the change Know what I'm saying?


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